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Saturday, 2. December 2006

Dinah Shore sings Farsi! Imagine that today...

My friend Azita pionted out this link to Dinah Shore singing a Farsi song in the mid 1960s ( Fantastic!

Imagine an American TV music star doing that today. Some American star - not someone with an activist reputation, and not a political song - just some well-known American star, like Randy Travis or Green Day or someone should do a Farsi love song. The Iranian population is already very pro-American, more so than any country in the Middle East. And since 1979 we have heard almost nothing in the U.S. media about Iran except horror stories about the hideous mullah regime (the exception was the world cup soccer game several years ago). Instead of the leaders getting all the news and mobilizing our sentiment against each other, we should build bridges that undercut their rants. An Iranian star singing in English wouldn't get much air play in the west, but imagine Martina McBride singing in Farsi! That would make waves in both countries.

Friday, 20. October 2006

Iranian-American Humor ... Pre-War Humor?

Watch this funny routine from an Iranian-American comedian.

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