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About this blog

Tuesday, 17. October 2006


I am launching this blog to be my main online "home" for news and opinion. I find myself again and again in a position of having something to say, but not really finding a forum to do so. Sometimes the itch costs more time and effort than the scratch, so I am finally scratching the itch.

My other blog, Sites of Memory, is centered on a rather narrow academic interest of mine. The site is for stable information on my classes and research. There, you can also find out who I am and what I do. This blog is for all the rest: local and personal events, book and film reviews, remarks and reports on education, teaching, and comments on issues of general and personal interest.

Oliver Gassner long ago recommended that I do one blog, and one blog only. This arrangement is as close to that as I am going to get, at least for the time being. My thanks to him for his continued support and advice.

Mark R. Hatlie
Tübingen, Germany
October 2006

blog '66

by Mark R. Hatlie

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